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INS 332E - Foundation Engineering I

Course Objectives

Course Objectives :
1) To give a good knowledge about the main subjects of foundation engineering
2) To express the importance of foundation engineering in the scope of civil engineering by proper examples
3) To express the importance of professional know-how and background by several cases

Course Description

Course Content :
Introduction to geotechnical engineering. Site investigation and in-situ soil tests; soil borings, soil sampling, inspection pits, inspection boreholes, in-situ tests performed during boring tests, dynamic and static penetration tests, permeability tests, Vane and pressuremeter tests. Slope Stability; natural slope stability, slope failures, preventing landslides, slope stability analysis methods. Retaining structures; earth pressures, gravity retaining structures, dimensioning and principles for calculations. Lateral earth pressure, sheet piles, dimensioning and principles for calculations. Shallow foundations; bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations, factors affecting the shallow foundations bearing capacity, formulae for bearing capacity, allowable bearing capacity, applications. Deep foundations; designing deep foundations, pile types, pile design, caissons, footings. Bearing capacity of deep foundations, static pile bearing capacity formula, dynamic pile formula, pile load tests and soil improvement; soil improvement methods, compaction methods.

Course Coordinator
Esra Ece Bayat
Course Language
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