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INS 472E - Intr.to Environmental Geotech.

Course Objectives

1. To give a good skill about main subjects of environmental geotechnics
2. To express the importance of environmental geotechnics in the scope of civil engineering by proper examples
3. To express the importance of professional know-how and back ground by several cases

Course Description

Introduction to environmental geotechnics and sustainability. Geosynthetics. Use of geosynthetics for retaining structures and pavement design. Case histories. Mechanical and environmental impacts of use of waste materials in geotechnical engineering. Forms of waste. Regulations governing solid waste disposal. Index, hydraulic conductivity, compressibility and strength properties of soils and waste. Solid waste landfill sites and its geotechnical design. Stability and improvement of present waste landfill sites.

Course Coordinator
Aslı Yalçın Dayıoğlu
Course Language
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