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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Dijital Görüntü İşleme
English Digital Image Processing
Course Code
GEO 313E Credit Lecture
Semester -
- 2 1 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ayşe Filiz Sunar
Course Objectives In general, the aim of this course are to develop the students' skill and knowledge of the principles, equipment, and techniques utilized in digital image processing, to teach how to apply the basic processing methods such as pre-processing, thematic mapping etc., and enable them how to assess the results.
Course Description The course will cover and introduce the concepts, techniques and tools for digital image processing used in remote sensing to solve the issues in Geomatics engineering and environmental problems. The course primarily enables students to gain hands-on-experience in applying these tools to process the satellite images. Hence, the project assignments form a key component of this course.
Course Outcomes 1 Analyzes basic features (resolution, image statistics, number of bands, coverage area) of satellite images.
2 Analyzes different information extraction techniques from satellite imagery (visual and digital).
3 Performs the basic digital image processing (pre-processing, image enhancement, image arithmetic and classification).
4 Performs pre-processing steps (geometric and radiometric correction) and prepares the satellite image for further processing.
5 Evaluates the image enhancement methods (point operations (linear and nonlinear contrast stretching, brightness modification, negation, etc.), local operations (spatial filtering, etc.), density slicing, data overlay etc.).
6 Evaluates the methods used in image transformation (band arithmetic, masking, indexes etc.).
7 Evaluates the image classification process (pixel based methods, land use/cover concepts, thematic mapping, post-classification smoothing and accuracy assessment (sample number, sample design, error matrix, Kappa accuracy).
8 Performs a design, an application and an evaluation of a remote sensing project.
Pre-requisite(s) To get minimum “FF” from the Remote Sensing I course
Required Facilities
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