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INS 478 - Fatigue of Metal Structural Members

Course Objectives

This course covers the behavior and design of steel structures as related to various limit states and material and material selection, fabrication procedures, and detailing. A large portion of the course will be dedicated to the consideration for the fatigue and fracture limit state as used in civil engineering applications, primarily in bridges (AASHTO, Eurocode 3). Case studies of forensic investigations, failure analysis, and retrofit strategies will be presented throughout the course to enhance the material.

Course Description

Introduction. Basic fracture mechanics concepts, fatigue strength analysis, fatigue assessment procedures for variables stress ranges, inspection and repair of fatigue cracks. Special topics, role of residual stress, combined stress, effect of size on fatigue life, environmental effects, fatigue cracking from out-of-plane effects. Applications for special standards specifications

Course Coordinator
Barlas Özden Çağlayan
Barlas Özden Çağlayan
Course Language
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