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YIP 504 - Human Facton in Construction

Course Objectives

1. To teach the importance of human factor in construction industry
2. To introduce physical and psychological features of human
3. To organize a convenient working environment for efficiency and safety

Course Description

Importance of human in the construction sector. Physical and psychological features of human. Sense organs. Brain, its structure and functions. Intellect, memory, attention, perception. Neural system. Human musculoskeletal system. Energy requirement of human body. Ergonomics and anthropometry. Fatigue and its effects. Human and communication, types of communication, body language. Workplace environment and motivation. Stress and human. Work safety, work accidents, and human factor in construction sector. Effects of climate, lighting, noise and vibration at workplace environment. Personality and personality disorders. First aid.

Course Coordinator
Murat Kuruoğlu
Course Language
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