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YIP 505E - Project(Time) Management

Course Objectives

1. To teach project and project cycle
2. To teach Project Management
3. To teach scope of the project
4. To teach Project Planning Tecnique
5. Statistical Methods in Determining Activity Duration
6. To give information about Selection of (Construction) Project Manager .

Course Description

Pm Body of Knowladge (Project life cycle,PM book framework model), Definitions, Project Organization Forms, Conceptual development, Project Phases (Pre-design, Design, Bid&Award, Construction and Post Construction), Scope Management (Cost/Benefit Analysis,Conditions and Constraints), Time scheduling and Critical Consideration of Scheduling Techniques (Bar chards, Cyclograms, CPM, Precedence Networks), Time Management in Project Phases (Planning Levels,Change Order and Claim Evaluation), Statistical Methods in Determining Activity Duration, Human and Equipment Resource Management, Selection of (Construction) Project Manager (Criteria and Rules of Selection)

Course Coordinator
Murat Kuruoğlu
Course Language
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