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STA 204 - Statics and strength of materials

Course Objectives

Principles of statics, finding out the resultant of the force systems in plane, obtaining of the components of the planar force along with the given axes, definition of the freedom of rigid bodies,introducing the constrains in plane, and to obtain the constraint forces in plane structures. In the strength of materials part of the lecture, definition of stress and introducing the stress-strain relations and to obtain the dimensions of the bodies in the action of forces in simple cases.

Course Description

In the static part of the lecture, to recognize the forces system and to calculate the constraint forces in planar structures, In the strength of materials
part of the lecture, to calculate the dimension of the bodies under the action of the external loads in simple cases by the elementary methods.

Course Coordinator
Ali Nuri Doğruoğlu
Ali Nuri Doğruoğlu
Course Language
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