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CEV 401E - Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Course Objectives

1.Evaluation of design data for wastewater treatment plants,
2.Determination of environmental problem occurring due to treatment sludges, and interpretation of control requirements due to treatment sludges, application of sludge processing and disposal methods,
3.Process and hydraulic calculations of treatment plant units, cost estimation of treatment plant,
4.Technical drawings of process units, P&I Diagrams, general layout, hydraulics and piping diagrams.

Course Description

Legal framework on wastewater/sludge management; Centralized/decentralized WWTP; Project criteria development; System selection; Process Design; Mechanical treatment units; Activated sludge systems; Final settlers; Disinfection; Control of treatment sludges; Mass balance; Constructional and hydraulic design; General layout; Piping; Hydraulic profile; Equipment’s of WWTP’s; P&I diagram; Cost analysis; Biofilm systems and combined systems; Anaerobic treatment; Aerated lagoons.

Course Coordinator
Hayrettin Güçlü İnsel
Course Language
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