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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Kadastro Bİlgisi
English Cadastre
Course Code
GEO 303E Credit Lecture
Semester 5
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Turan Erden
Course Objectives In this course students will gain ability for professional responsibility in the cadastral work, duties and understand the jurisdictions, cadastral and related legislation requirements and to know the historical development, the effects of legal practices of the land registry in the country. It is aimed that students will conduct and acquire knowledge and skills on technical and legal transactions and activities relating to the cadastral law necessary to conduct the business life.
Course Description Cadastral concept. Cadastre-human relations and the importance of cadastre. Cadastre in the world and Turkey. The definition of judicial and technical activities for the realization of the first cadastre regarding to cadastral legal framework. Cadastral issues, maintaining and renewing. Examining the concept of Multipurpose Cadastre and parcel-based land information system design and the development process.
Course Outcomes Students who completes this course successfully;
1 Understand the cadastre and land management concepts. Understand the social benefits of the cadastre and establishes the relationship between land management.
2 Understand the administrative structure and functioning of national and international cadastral land-surveying tasks regarding to development of land registry systems
3 Understand the legal and technical processes in the cadastral planning of the whole process of legislation relating to the cadastral surveying activities.
4 Decide and select the calculation and visualization methods, and necessary measuring models for the production of cadastral data sets and property maps.
5 Organize the first process of the cadastral surveying. Manage the administrative and technical process steps for manufacturing the parcel, check and verify.
6 Recognizes the importance of sustainability and update the cadastre; organizes the renovation process of Cadastre and manages the administrative and technical process steps, control and verify.
7 By organizing processes of technical works in cadastre (land subdivision-amalgamate etc.), manages the administrative and technical steps, perform the directives and confirms them.
8 Manage, controls and verify cadastral parcels. Determine and manage parcel boundary limitations process.
9 Interpret and make relation among interdisciplinary areas like infrastructure, coastal, grassland and forest lands in terms of technical and legal regulations.
10 Understand the purpose of Land Registry and Cadastre Information System and their functions. Implement and design parcel-based land information system, and analysis the requirements.
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