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INS 421 - Reinforced Concrete II

Course Objectives

To teach the design principles of Reinforced Structural Elements and requirements of TS 500 Code and Earthquake Code
To make design a reinforced concrete building

Course Description

Design of reinforced-concrete slabs supported by beams, joist slabs, flat slabs, Determination of lateral EQ forces affecting reinforced-concrete structures according to the code, General design of beams, columns and shear walls, Introduction to stair systems, Calculation of the internal forces in foundations of masonry and reinforced-concrete structures and design foundations, Introduction to retaining walls, calculation of the internal forces and design of retaining walls, Introduction to deep beams and their general design, Expansion and seismic joints.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Gençoğlu
Mustafa Gençoğlu
Course Language
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