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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish CBS Projeleri
English GIS Projects
Course Code
GEO 403 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
2 1 2 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Zaide Duran
Course Objectives The goal of the course is to provide students with experiences in the design, development, analysis, and visualization of geographic data by assigning GIS projects. Students taking this course, may get the ability to design the whole GIS projects from the beginning to the end, to comprehend the problems that may emerge during a GIS project process and develop solutions to them, to realize the required analysis and implement and, to present the final outcomes regarding to users and aims.
Course Description Within the context of the course different GIS applications projects will be held on. Projects are planning as team works with the use of GIS technology to produce solutions to spatial problems. By this comprehend, all GIS lectures basics like data, data structure, data modals, database, information, system, system architecture, analysis and final information assesments and share topics that are given in Geomatic Engineering Programme, will be implemented in a project base.
Course Outcomes 1. Construct a GIS project within any software platform with respect to National and International Standards (ISO 19123 (2007))
2. Organize Geographic Data and the relationship among them within any software platform.
3. Establish geographic database which contains data produced for the use of Geomatics Engineering.
4. Organize integrated use of acquired and produced data with respect to National and International (ISO 19119 (2006) and A1 (2001)) standards.
5. Design, produce and certify expository metadata structure required functionality for a spatial information system project data set to meet National and International (ISO 19115(2005) and ISO 19115-2 (2010)) standards.
6. Reveal discrimination between spatial analysis and query functions within GIS and realign related study area.
7. Design the results of GIS analysis either digital or paper map according to application requirements.
8. Evaluate the visual results of GIS analysis.
Pre-requisite(s) GEO 312E MIN DD
veya/or GEO 315 MIN DD
veya/or GEO 315E MIN DD
Required Facilities
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