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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1. Principles of statics, vectors
2. The free body diagram, definition of moment, Varignon’s Theorem, moment of a couple
3. Planar forces, resultant of a force system, equations of equilibrium
4. Center of gravity, theorems of Pappus-Guldinus
5. Supports, support reactions, statically determinate systems
6. Loads, beams, Gerber beams, stress resultant diagrams
7. Plane trusses and solution methods
8. Cables and cables subjected to their own weight
9. Friction (dry friction)
10. Friction (frictional forces on screws, flat belts, discs, rolling resistance)
11. Distributed loads and hydrostatics forces
12. Space trusses and solution methods
13. Three dimensional force systems, resultants of a force system, equations of equilibrium
14. Virtual work, stability of equilibrium and potential energy
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