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CEV 453E - Mng. & Disp. of Treat. Sludges

Course Objectives

1. Enable the students to determine and to analyse the environmental problems occuring due to treatment sludges and their control requirements, to provide synthesis and design ability
2. Enable the students to follow scientific and technological developments related to treatment sludges as well as can further improve and apply them
3. Enable the students to situate treatment sludges in environmental systems as well as can further apply, operate, and manage sludge handling, treatment, and disposal techniques

Course Description

Definition of treatment sludges and the related regulations. Sludge sources, quantities and characteristics. Sludge conveyance and preliminary operations. Thickening. Stabilization. Conditioning. Disinfection. Dewatering. Thermal Operations. Ultimate disposal and land application.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Gömeç
Course Language
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