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JDF 232E - Theory of Errors and Parameter Estimation

Course Objectives

1) To teach the use of theory of errors in geodetic applications,
2) To provide the applications of error propagation law in terms of accuracy measures,
3) To give an ability to apply parameter estimation methods in geodetic applications.

Course Description

Geodetic measurements and measurements error, A measurement as a random variable, and its relations with probability theory, Expectation value, variance, covariance, coloration, normal distribution concepts, Error propagation law for direct and indirect measurements, weights of geodetic measurements, Linear models for parameter estimations: Gauss-Markof model, least squares method, Maximum likelihood method, Application of Least squares method on direct and indirect measurements: Functional and stochastic models as the mathematics model of adjustment, Error computation in adjustment with least squares method: unit variance, standart deviation of a measurement, coefficients of weights of unknown parameters, and Tienstra rule

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Tevfik Özlüdemir
Course Language
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