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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 The objectives and basic principles of public land arrangements.
2 Urban planning and local government units. Planning approaches.
3 Land development planning phases. Environment-land use-zoning plan development and implementation processes.
4 Overview of urban land management tools. Types of land development plan implementation in Turkey. Plan applications for subdivision process.
5 Introduction to expropriation. Zoning application by land expropriation.
6 Land development plan applications by land compensation techniques.
7 Midterm exam
8 Introduction to land readjustment, and legislation bases. Land readjustment applications in Turkey and the Worldwide.
9 Land sharing and distribution rates calculations in land readjustment process.
10 Zoning regulations: Land-zoning applications with land readjustment.
11 Zoning regulations: Land-zoning applications with land readjustment.
12 Land Improvement and Development applications. Purpose and implementation of urban regeneration projects.
13 The Condominium concept, legislation and practices.
14 The Coastal Code: Coastal usage. Shoreline detection, coastal and plan relationships.
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