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STA 201E - Statics

Course Objectives

to understand the key concepts and ideas (force, moment, couple, center of gravity, free-body diagrams, equilibrium conditions, static equivalency, static determinacy, interaction between bodies, friction) of Statics

to comprehend necessary mathematical tools for static analysis and interrelations between mechanical entities

to perform static analyses of 2-D and 3-D mechanical systems by using the equilibrium conditions, both physically and mathematically, in a systematic way

to calculate internal forces developed in structural members as a result of external loadings, and draw diagrams addressing their variations along members (force-moment diagrams)

to understand the structural behavior of complex systems, such as bridges, at the fundamental level by concentrating on the role of various components and their mutual relations

Course Description

Statics, briefly the study of equilibrium of rigid bodies in rest, forms the basis of Engineering Mechanics; foundational knowledge, ideas and skills for carrying out structural or mechanical engineering performance relies on it. Throughout the course we’ll explore the basic principles governing the behavior of bodies subjected to forces to answer the question “how do structures behave?”

Course Coordinator
Ceren Bilgin Güney
Course Language
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