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GEO 111 - Introduction to Geomatic Engineering and Ethics

Course Objectives

Primary aim of the course: That our students acquire a holistic view of our profession in the first year they started the program. Basic engineering in the curriculum, professional engineers and engineering design course to a level of participation of candidates, most- efficiency of these courses is to enable them to take. In addition, the basic theories differ from each other as they take the course is to enable them to combine their minds.
Secondary aim of the course: Awareness and consciousness about the professional and ethical resposibilities and about the social, economical, political and legal context of professional activities.

Course Description

Profession as an incorporated business, historical evaluation of engineering, historical roots of mapping profession, transformation of the geodesy and photogrammetry engineering into geomatics, professional applications of geomatics, relationships of geomatics with other disciplines and contributions to complex engineering projects, acting for sustainable professional skills.
The universal and individual freedom dimension of ethics, universal ethic codes and values, engineering ethics, professional responsibility of geomatic engineers, query and evaluation of professional ethical dilemmas.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Göksel
Course Language
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