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INS 112 - Earhscience for Civil Engineers

Course Objectives

1. To learn basic subjects and concepts of geology
2. To learn the occurrence, content, history and structure and properties of earth material.
3. Numerical description of geo-environmental properties effecting the engineering applications in earth crust, mapping and evaluation of engineering properties of earth material.

Course Description

Description of minerals and rocks forming the earth crust. Understanding the earth structures and evaluation of geological maps and cross-sections. Importance of geological factors effecting civil engineering applications such as tunnelling, foundation, deep excavation, slope, dam site and
highway. In addition, effects of ground water on engineering applications and selection of earth materials for construction purposes are also included. Brief summaries of engineering properties, mechanical behaviour and bearing capacity of earth materials are given. Understanding geo- environmental conditions effecting various applications, and risk evaluation of earthquakes and mass movements.

Course Coordinator
Erkan Bozkurtoğlu
Course Language
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