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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Reinforced concrete members, slabs, beams, columns, foundations, concrete, reinforcing steel, mechanical properties of concrete and steel
2 Loads, dead and live loads, load combinations, structural safety, limit states, behavior of reinforced concrete, ultimate strength design principles
3 Mechanics of RC beam, parabola+rectangular stress block, stress block, balanced beam, over and under reinforced beams
4 Beams with compression reinforcement, flanged beams, effective flange width
5 Cracking, mechanism of bond transfer, development of anchorage and splicing of reinforcement
6 Tied and spiral columns under uniaxial loading, eccentrically loaded columns, column interaction diagram
7 Bi-axially loaded columns
8 Slender column behavior, moment magnification method
9 Shear force effects, diagonal tension stresses
10 Providing shear safety, use of stirrups and bent-up bars, moment capacity diagram
12 RC members subjected to torsion, design for torsion, shear and torsion
13 Elastic analysis of beams with rectangular cross-sections, comparison with ultimate strength method, serviceability, moment-curvature relationship, ductility
14 RC frames, beam-column joints, redistribution, construction knowledge
15 Pre-stressed concrete, general information
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