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CEV 468 - Individual Studies

Course Objectives

1. Strengthening professional capacity and self confidence of students through specialized individual research supervised by a selected faculty member focusing upon a selected topic of environmental engineering
2. Selection of a specialized topic, identification of the problem and its significance, systematic of the research
3. Generation and/or evaluation of data
4. Analysis of the specialized topic and synthesis for the solution of the problem
5. Writing scientific/technical reports to present outcomes, oral presentations and defense

Course Description

Directed towards enhancing problem identification/solving skills and professional self confidence through individual research under the supervision of a faculty member, through focusing upon a specialized topic which may require laboratory work, modeling, simulation, management practice, field study, comprehensive literature survey to draw original conclusions, etc, to formulate the problem, generate data, analyze the case, and generate solutions to the problems, as well as drawing conclusions and to make a contribution for the topic selected; communicate and disseminate research outcomes.

Course Coordinator
Nevin Yağcı
Course Language
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