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INS 444 - Steel Structures II

Course Objectives

• to teach the design principles of lateral load resisting systems per Turkish Seismic Code for Buildings
• to teach the design of simple and moment resisting beam-to-column and beam-to-beam connections
• to teach the design of column splices and the design of flanges and webs under concentrated forces
• to develop skills for the design of column base plates and their anchors to concrete
• to develop skills for the design of brace connections

Course Description

Introduction and Steel Building Systems / Industrial Steel Buildings / Multi-Story Steel Buildings / Moment Resisting Frames / Concentrically Braced Frames / Eccentrically Braced Frames / Simple and Moment Resisting Beam-to-Column Connections / Simple and Moment Resisting Beam-to-Beam Connections / Column Splices / Flanges and Webs with Concentrated Forces / Column Base Plates under Concentric Compression and Tension / Column Base Plates with Combined Axial and Shear Forces and Moment / Brace Connections in Eccentrically and Special Concentrically Braced Frames

Course Coordinator
Cüneyt Vatansever
Course Language
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