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STA 204E - Statics&Strength of Materials

Course Objectives

1.Definition of force and moment vectors and necessary vector algebra (2D and 3D)
2.Equilibrium of particle and rigid body
3.Supports and support reactions
4.Equilibrium of structures, internal forces (beams, trusses, frames)
5.Stress and Strain
6. Normal force, Torsion and bending

Course Description

Applies mechanics for studying static equilibrium and strength of materials for rigid and elastic bodies. Topics include composition and resolution of forces, moments and force couples, equivalent force systems, free-body diagrams, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, forces in trusses and beams, first and second moments of area, moments of inertia, internal forces, shear and moment diagrams, stress and strain, torsion and bending.

Course Coordinator
Şenol Ataoğlu
Course Language
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