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CEV 321 - Water Supply&Wastewater Disposal

Course Objectives

1) Determine the requirements regarding planning and application of the components in infrastructure, are able to function in terms of analysis, synthesis, and design.
2) Establish the necessary infrastructure systems for sanitation, are able to apply, operate, and manage the necessary techniques for its control
3) Self improve in order to contribute to the development and welfare of the society
4) Carry professional and ethical responsibility

Course Description

Estimation of population growth and water demands. General overview of fresh water resources. Water intake structures in lakes and rivers. Springs. Water wells. Aqueducts and groundwater hydraulics. Interface of saline and fresh water at seaside. Transportation of water. Water pipes. Water storage. Design of water distribution systems. Wastewater collection systems-wastewater flowrates. Design of sewers and stormwater systems. Manholes, overflow weirs, relief siphons. Piping and trenching.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Turan
Esra Erdim
Fatih Yılmaz
İlker Akmırza
Course Language
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