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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Çevre Kimyası II
English Environmental Chemistry II
Course Code
CEV 212 Credit Lecture
Semester 4
3 2 - 2
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Nuray Işık Kabdaşlı
Serdar Doğruel
Course Objectives 1. To teach basic concepts of environmental chemistry,
2. To provide knowledge on methods for the determination of pollution
3. To provide an ability to interpret analysis results.
Course Description Sampling and sample preservation. Solids. Alkalinity. Acidity. Hardness. Dissolved oxygen. Biochemical oxygen demand. Chemical oxygen demand. Nitrogen. Phosphorous. Oil and grease. Instrumental analysis: Chromatographic methods of analysis. Major air pollutants and their analyses. Organic pollutants. Soil pollutants.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course successfully will be able to:
I. Use basic concepts of environmental chemistry,
II. Gain information on the definition, significance and measurement of
related parameters,
III. Use analysis equipment and instruments,
IV. Interprete environmental pollution,
Required Facilities
Other References
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