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INS 338 - Reinforced Concrete I

Course Objectives

Students completing this course successfully will be able to
• Recognize the importance of building codes.
• Understand the design process.
• Establish a clear understanding of the mechanical behaviors of reinforcing steel, concrete and reinforced concrete members.
• Understand the limit states of a reinforced concrete structure and recognize the importance of each limit state.
• Understand the basic principles to properly apply the TS 500 provisions. • Understand the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams, investigate and design beams for bending, shear and torsion.
• Understand the behavior and design of short and long columns under axial load and bending moments.
• Understand mechanism of bond transfer, development length and anchorage of reinforcement and provide detailing of reinforced concrete beams.
• Determine the immediate and long term deflections in reinforced concrete beams; apply TS 500 provisions for crack and deflection control. • Develop proficiency in the methods used in current design practice, with particular reference to the provisions of TS 500

Course Description

Reinforced concrete elements, concrete and steel material information, loads, reinforced concrete behavior, capacity calculation principles, simple bending in rectangular section, double-reinforced rectangular section, plated section, cracking, adherence, compound bending (M+N) effect in rectangular section, mutual effect diagrams, combined bending (Mx+My+N) effect in rectangular section, slender column behavior, shear force effect, shear force response, torsion effect, shear force and torsion effect, elastic calculation in rectangular section, prestressed concrete, general information.

Course Coordinator
Kadir Güler
Course Language
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