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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri
English Geographical Informatn Systms
Course Code
JDF 411E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Nesibe Necla Uluğtekin
Course Objectives This lecture aims at to contribute educating engineers, who is well informed about GIS and has the ability of design, and manage projects and share their knowledge for the furtherance of public welfare.
Course Description This lecture covers basic usage of cartography, geodesy and geography in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The fundamental concepts of GIS such as data, data structure, data models, databases, information, system, system architecture, analyze and presentation of information are main issues considered during the lectures. Furthermore the lectures are enhanced with various applications of information systems in order to highlight GIS and interdisciplinary wide range usage of GIS.
Course Outcomes GIS terms and its relations with other disciplines.
Importing maps in to computer environment.
Topology and geometrical infrastructure.
Issues that should be considered while setting up GIS
GIS applications
Future of GIS
Presentations of term projects
Required Facilities
Textbook Clarke, K.: Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems. Prentice Hall. (2001), ISBN 013-016829-7.
Other References
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