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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Digital Fotogrametri
English Digital Photogrammetry
Course Code
JDF 425E Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Zaide Duran
Course Objectives 1. To teach concepts and methods of Digital Photogrammetry.
2. To explain the errors sources, effects and correction of the errors.
3. To provide the ability of project preparation, management, application and presentation by giving a term project
Course Description This lecture includes definition of digital photogrammetric images, creation of digital images, co-ordinates systems, mathematical model, orientation procedures, and digital orthophotos
Course Outcomes 1. Comprehend basics equations of digital photogrammetry,
2. Comprehend errors sources and error correction in digital photogrammetry,
3. Comprehend application areas of digital photogrammetry,
4. Design system for nonconventional applications,
5. Integrate photogrammetric sensors and other sensors,
6. Understand and present digital photogrammetric applications.
Pre-requisite(s) Photogrammetry II (min DD)
Required Facilities
Other References
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