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INS 421 - Reinforced-Concrete II

Course Objectives

Design of RC structures applying the previous knowledge on strength of materials, structural materials and RC-I

Course Description

Design of reinforced-concrete slabs supported by beams, girdered slabs, slabs without beams subject to vertical loads. Information about Turkish Earthquake Code of 1998. Determination of lateral EQ forces effecting to reinforced-concrete structures according to the code and distribution of internal forces in structural elements. Calculation of the internal forces at foundations (wall foundations, singular foundations, continuous foundations on elastic soil, plate foundations) of masonry and reinforced-concrete structures subject to vertical and lateral loading. Introduction to stair systems and determination of internal forces at inclined and landing plates and design. Introduction to resisting walls, design of resisting wall sections under the effecting soil forces and live loads.

Course Coordinator
Beyza Taşkın
Course Language
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