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STA 204E - Statics&Strength of Materials

Course Objectives

1.Definition of force and moment vectors and necessary vector algebra
2.Equilibrium of particle and rigid body (plane and space)
3.Supports and support reactions
4.Equilibrium of structures, internal forces (trusses, frames, cables, machines)
5.To provide the basic concepts and principles of strength of materials.
6.To give an ability to calculate stresses and deformations of objects under external loadings.
7.To give an ability to apply the knowledge of strength of materials on engineering applications and design problems.

Course Description

Principles of statics, force vector, equilibrium of particle, moment of a couple, equilibrium of rigid body, planar forces, center of gravity, Theorem of Pappus-Guldinus, distributed loads and hydrostatics forces, supports and support reactions, Gerber beam, frames, simple machines, trusses, cables. Basic Concepts of Solid Mechanics. Mechanical Properties of Materials. Axial Loading. Transverse Shear. Bending. Torsion. States of stress and strain.

Course Coordinator
Sedat Kömürcü
Course Language
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