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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Fotog. Ve Laser Veri. Entg.
English Photogrammetric and Laser Data Integration
Course Code
GEO 427 Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Zaide Duran
Course Objectives This course aims to explain the students the basic methods of Digital Photogrammetry and the laser scanning methods, concepts of the data acquisition to evaluate the data to be gained, and the knowledge and skills to ensure the conversion of this information into practice on a project.
Course Description This is a course dealing with Photogrammetry and laser scanning methods, data acquisition methods and the integration of data obtained by both methods .
Course Outcomes Defines the Digital photogrammetry concept and the conceptual differences between digital and analog image, compares them with each other.
Explains Digital image enhancement and matching concepts used in photogrammetry and aware of the need digital image enhancement and matching techniques to use at which stage of the photogrammetric evaluation is.
Compare analog, digital analytic evaluation methods to each other, reaches the required results using image processing techniques for digital evaluation methods.
Makes the necessary planning, depending on the accuracy of the product to be obtained.
Decides the necessary software and hardware to visualize the product obtained in digital media.
Knows the differences and usage areas of terrestrial laser scanning and lidar technologies.
Knows the basic knowledge of mathematical fundamentals and accuracy of laser scanning method makes the visualization of laser scanning results.
Compares laser scanning techniques and photogrammetry techniques, and knows data integration methods.
Performs the documentation of the realized project .
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