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GEO 101E - Intro. to Info. Technologies

Course Objectives

By means of this course, students learn the fundamental concepts and methods of information technology and possess the knowledge of the potential within Geomatics Engineering. Students will be able to design a process, component or a system and gain the skills of using/developing software relevant to Geomatics Engineering.

Course Description

Within this course, rapidly developing information technologies that are also the core components of Geomatics Engineering is introduced and their importance with Geomatics Engineering discipline is emphasized. Furthermore, several concepts and methods of information technology such as fundamentals, human computer interaction, system architecture, data structures, data analyses, multi media technologies and applications, computer graphics, object oriented approach is explained in order to aid solving Geomatics Engineering specific problems. This course also contains developing software for spatial applications.

Course Coordinator
Muhammed Enes Atik
Course Language
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