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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Occurrence of earthquakes and their characteristics; Seismic Sources on Earth and in Turkey, Earthquake waves, Measuring seismic events; Intensity and magnitude of earthquakes
2 Dynamic Properties of Structures, Earthquake Response of SDOF Systems
3 Elastic Response Spectra; Design Response Spectra, Equivalent Seismic Force Method
4 Nonlinear Earthquake Response of SDOF Systems, Ductility concept, Reduced Design Spectra
5 Earthquake Response of MDOF systems, Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
6 Dynamic Analysis of MDOF Systems, Response Spectrum Analysis
7 Time history Analyses of MDOF Systems
8 Seismic behavior of RC structural members; Joints; Plastic Hinges; Capacity design principles
9 Earthquake resistant design principles; Earthquake codes; Limit States; Structural irregularities
10 Determination of structural safety; Structural performance evaluation concepts
11 Evaluation of the seismic performance of buildings designed to modern design codes Earthquake damages to structures; Damage types in structural elements; Damage assessment
12 Repair and strengthening techniques; Repair materials; Strengthening of structural elements
13 Strengthening of structural systems with new elements; Strengthening design projects
14 Anti-Seismic Devices (Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Devices)
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