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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Katı Atık Yönetimi
English Solid Waste Management
Course Code
CEV 334 Credit Lecture
Semester 6
- 2 - 1
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hüseyin Güven
Course Objectives 1. To provide a basic knowledge and concepts of solid waste terminology, quantity, characteristics, circular economy and integrated municipal solid waste management,
2. Enable the students to follow scientific and technological developments related to solid wastes as well as further improve and apply them,
3. Enable the students to apply solid waste recycling, treatment and disposal technologies,
4. Enable the students to design (conceptual) waste management systems.
Course Description Terminology of solid waste. Legal framework. Integrated solid waste management and circular economy concepts. Solid waste generation and characteristics. Collection of solid wastes. Recovery and recycling of solid wastes. Biological treatment technologies (composting, biomethanization). Landfills. Combustion of solid wastes.
Course Outcomes I. Comprehend legal and basic concepts of solid waste management,
II. Comprehend circular economy and integrated solid waste management system,
III. Evaluate the basic principles of solid waste generation and characteristics,
IV. Determine suitable waste collection and transport systems,
V. Comprehend basic planning and design of recycling systems,
VI. Design biological treatment systems,
VII. Design landfills,
VIII. Determine suitable combustion technologies,
IX. Analyze basic solid waste parameters and operate pilot scale composting
Pre-requisite(s) Nonr
Required Facilities
Other The list of experiments for laboratory work: I- Composting, II- pH, III- Conductivity, IV- Total and Volatile Solids.
A technical site visit will be held for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Facilities (transfer station, sanitary landfill, material recovery and composting plant, biomethanization plant, MSW incineration plant, medical waste incineration & sterilization plant).
Textbook Öztürk, İ., Katı Atık Yönetimi ve AB Uyumlu Uygulamaları, İSTAÇ A.Ş. Teknik Kitaplar Serisi-2, 3. Baskı, 2015
Other References Worrel, W.A., Vesilind, P.A., Ludwig, C., Solid Waste Engineering: A Global Perspective, 3rd Edition, Cengage Learning, 2017
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