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GEO 314 - Geodesy II and Projections

Course Objectives

By this course students are expected to explain geometrical and mathematical basics of the methods which are bases for projecting the earth to the plane for the large, medium and small scale maps. In this manner, students will be gained the ability of evaluating Gauss-Kruger conform projection from ellipsoid to plane surface vice-versa and direct and inverse solutions using Gauss-Kruger coordinates on ellipsoid and plane surface. Another aim of this course is to gain the ability of students to use the calculation methods for transforming the coordinate and quantities to a selected projection surface from a reference surface via conformal projection in the professional applications based on spatial data. . It is aimed that students use seamlessly various solutions of Gauss-Kruger conform projection which is common in our country.

Course Description

The subjects by explaining principles of transforming a curved surface to a plane and facts (deformation etc.) caused by this process with the features of projections and classification of them according to different criterion will be examined. Conformal projections used to obtain coordinates for geodetic applications are mentioned.

Course Coordinator
Hayri Hakan Denli
Course Language
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