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CEV 221 - Microbiology

Course Objectives

The aim of this lecture is to teach classification and naming of microorganisms, microbial metabolisms and genetics. There is also Laboratory application of this lecture

Course Description

Historical development of microbiology. Microbial systematic and classification. Microscope. Bacteria and bacterial diseases. Protozoa and protozoal diseases. Viruses and viral diseases. Fungi and fungal diseases. Algeas and algal diseases. Disease and resistance. Microbial genetic. Physical control of microorganisms. Chemical control of microorganisms. Laboratory: Microbiology lab orientation and safety rules. How to use microscope. Wet-mount slide preparation technique and microscope usage. Smear preparation and simple staining (methylene blue and giemsa staining) of samples. Gram reaction and gram staining. Aseptic technique, broth culture and agar slant culture, pour plate and streak plate techniques. Acid fast staining. Endospore staining. Motility and flagella staining. Protozoal culture and observation of protozoa under microscope. Fungi cells microscopic examination. Algal cell examination with microscope. Identification techniques. Identification of unknown organism.

Course Coordinator
Zeynep Dilek Heperkan
Didem Okutman Taş
Course Language
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