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CEV 431 - Control of Treatment Sludges

Course Objectives

1) Are able to function in terms of the analysis, synthesis, and design regarding environmental problems occuring due to treatment sludges and their control requirements
2) Can follow scientific and technological developments related to treatment sludges as well as can further improve and apply them
3) Are able to determine the position of treatment sludges in environmental systems and are able to apply, operate, and manage sludge processing and disposal methods
4) Are creative and self confident, can carry professional and ethical responsibility
5) Are continuously self improving

Course Description

Sources of treatment plant sludges, quantities and characteristics. Preliminary operations. Sludge thickening. Stabilization. Conditioning. Dewatering. Heat drying. Incineration. Disinfection. Ultimate disposal: Stabilization/Solidification; Land Application; Landfilling.

Course Coordinator
Naciye Esra Ateş Genceli
Course Language
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