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JDF 351 - Adjustment

Course Objectives

1. To teach the use of adjustment techniques in geodetic applications,
2. To provide the ability to make adjustment computations in horizontal and vertical control networks and to analyze the results.
3. To teach the datum concept in geodetic networks and to give an ability to apply datum transformation.

Course Description

Fundamentals of adjustment computations and basic descriptions, Adjustment of trigonometric leveling network according to indirect adjustment method, Direction observations, functional model, reduction of correction equations according to Schreiber, Elimination of orientation parameter, angle measurements, stochastic model, additional azimuth measurements, triangulation network adjustment, Adjustment on projection surface, datum problem of triangulation network, Point adjustment (intersection, resection problems), Error calculations in adjustments of triangulation network, root mean square error of point positioning, Coordinate transformation, Helmert transformation method, (Adjusted coordinate transformation), Adjustment of leveling networks, Adjustment of GNSS networks.

Course Coordinator
Orhan Akyılmaz
Course Language
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