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INS 411 - Steel Structures I

Course Objectives

Main objectives of this course are :
- to develop skills for understanding the principles of the steel structures design
- to develop skills for the design of the structural members under tension, compression and moment
- to develop skills for the design of the structural connection elements such as rivets, bolts and welds
and their connections
- to develop skills for the design of beams, trusses and bracings for stability.

Course Description

Introduction to Steel Structures /Historical development of steel structures / Application areas of steel
products / Properties of structural steel / Information about steel design procedures. / Reliability, loads and
load combinations / Connections, connecting members / Riveted and Bolted connections / Welded
connections / Tension members / Splices in tension members / Compression members
composed for single cross section, beam column design / Built-up compression members /
Design of batten plates of lacing members / Rolled section beam design and their splices /
Built-up rolled section beam design / Bi -axial bending / Lateral buckling control for beams /
Flexural buckling / Trusses / Roof-truss design / Bracings for stability and connection details

Course Coordinator
Cüneyt Vatansever
Course Language
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