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CEV 321E - Water Supply&Wastewater Dispo.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to;
1.Determine the requirements regarding planning and application of the components in infrastructure, and able to function in terms of analysis, synthesis, and design.
2.Establish the necessary infrastructure systems for sanitation, and able to apply, operate, and manage the necessary techniques for its control

Course Description

Estimation methods of population growth, Water demands. Supply-demand curve. Groundwater-surfacewaters, water-intakes, transmission lines, pumping stations, storage-tanks, design of distribution network and computer applications, pipes, valves, installation of pipe lines, trenchless construction methods, water loses, collection systems, wastewater flows, design of collection systems, and computer applications, pipe installations, trenchless construction methods, manholes, overflow weirs, inverted syphons and retention basins, operation of sewer networks.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Turan
Course Language
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