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STA 201E - Statics

Course Objectives

1. To give the key concepts and ideas (force, moment, couple, center of gravity, free-body diagrams, equilibrium conditions, static equivalency, static determinacy, interaction between bodies, friction) of Statics.
2. To introduce engineering students the balance of forces on particles and rigid bodies in equilibrium state (i.e., at rest or in uniform motion).
3. To teach the methods for the calculation of internal forces developed in structural members as a result of external loadings, and draw diagrams addressing their variations along members.
4. To give the abilities of performing static analyses of 2-D and 3-D mechanical systems by using the equilibrium conditions, both physically and mathematically, in a systematic way

Course Description

Principles of statics; Force vectors: Cartesian vectors; Equilibrium of a particle, Coplanar force systems; Force system resultants: Moment of a force and a couple, Principle of moments; Equilibrium of rigid body: Free-Body diagrams, Equations of Equilibrium; Structural Analysis: Trusses, Frames and Machines; Internal forces: Shear and moment equations and diagrams; Friction: Types of friction; Center of gravity and Centroid: Theorem of Pappus-Guldinus, Distributed loads; Moments of Inertia: Parallel-Axis theorem; Principle of Virtual Work.

Course Coordinator
Mesut Kırca
Course Language
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