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INS 334 - Health & Safety in Construction

Course Objectives

(1) To give basic and fundamental information on occupational health and
safety, (2) To give statistical figures on current occupational accidents and
diseases in the world and Turkey primarily for construction industry and for
all industrial brunches, (3) To give basic and fundamental information on
health and safety legislation, responsibilities of related parties, (4) To give
information on Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment concepts and
methods, (5) To give information on mitigation and abatement techniques
for construction accidents and diseases.

Course Description

Fundamental concepts and definitions. Occupational safety legislation
Statistical figures on occupational accidents in Turkey. Administrative, legal
and penal responsibilities of employers, employees and especially technical
personnel, possible trial process due to occupational accidents. Analysis
and discussion of construction accidents occurred in Turkey. Unsafe
conditions and behaviours that cause accidents, accidents, defective
presence and causes of those defects.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Artan
Course Language
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