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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Çelik Yapılar I
English Steel Structures I
Course Code
INS 411 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
- 3 1 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Cüneyt Vatansever
Course Objectives Main objectives of this course are :
- to develop skills for understanding the principles of the steel structures design
- to develop skills for the design of the structural members under tension, compression and moment
- to develop skills for the design of the structural connection elements such as rivets, bolts and welds
and their connections
- to develop skills for the design of beams, trusses and bracings for stability.
Course Description Introduction to Steel Structures /Historical development of steel structures / Application areas of steel
products / Properties of structural steel / Information about steel design procedures. / Reliability, loads and
load combinations / Connections, connecting members / Riveted and Bolted connections / Welded
connections / Tension members / Splices in tension members / Compression members
composed for single cross section, beam column design / Built-up compression members /
Design of batten plates of lacing members / Rolled section beam design and their splices /
Built-up rolled section beam design / Bi -axial bending / Lateral buckling control for beams /
Flexural buckling / Trusses / Roof-truss design / Bracings for stability and connection details
Course Outcomes The successful student will be able;
1. to understand the structural steel material and the connection elements used.
2. to define the loads affected on the structure and then to model the load combinations.
3. to design the structural steel members under tension, compression and moments, make stress and
stability control checks.
Required Facilities
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