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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapıların Yalıtımı & Korunması
English Insulation & Protec. of Buildings
Course Code
INS 318E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
- 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Oğuz Güneş
Course Objectives -Emphasizing the importance of protecting and insulation of buildings
-The importance of efficient use of energy in thermal insulation
-Effect of waterproofing on service life of structure
-Effect of waterproofing on reinforcement corrosion
-With examples of the application, promote of insulation materials and develop the sense of isolation
Course Description The importance of insulation and protection of buildings, thermal conductivity, climatic comfort, heat gains and losses, heat flow and cross-sectional determination at the outer shell of the buildings, thermal inertia, storage and cooling of heat, cold bridges, thermal expansion, thermal insulation materials, vapour transfer, condensation and evaporation, control of sweating and condensation, water affecting the structure, surface tension, sorptivity, permeability of water under pressure, corrosion of reinforcement, waterproofing materials and construction details, propagation of sound, noise control, air-borne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, room acoustics
Course Outcomes 1. Climatic comfort
2. Thermal conductivity
3. The effective use of energy
4. Cold bridges
5. Condensation
6. Sorptivity
7. Reinforcement corrosion
8. Service life
9. Sound insulation
Pre-requisite(s) None
Required Facilities None
Textbook Lecture notes
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