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JDF 331E - Photogrammetry I

Course Objectives

1. To teach mathematical model of Photogrammetry, application areas and evaluation methods.
2. To explain the errors sources of Photogrammetry, effects and correction of the errors.
3. To provide the ability of project preparation, management, application and presentation by
giving a term project.

Course Description

Definition, History and the application field of Photogrammetry, The basic problem of
Photogrammetry, and the coordinate systems used in photogrammetry, Stereoskopic viewing and
its properties, Preliminary Mathematics, 3 Dimensional Transformation, Central Projection,
Preliminary information of Digital Image Processing, Metric cameras used in photogrammetry,
Correction of the image coordinates, Fligth Planning, Stereo Evaluation Techniques, Relative
Orientation, Absolute Orientation, Photogrammetric Triangulation, Photogrammetric

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Sıtkı Külür
Course Language
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