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JDF 414E - Specl Technqs In Hght Dtrmntn

Course Objectives

1. Acquire the verbal and written skills necessary to contribute productively to society
2. Develop the ability to work on disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams
3. Recognize the need for and develop the ability to prepare for life-long study and learning
4 .Acquire a comprehensive education program to graduate people in the topics of public land andtopographic surveying, geographic information system, photogrammetry, cartography, geodesy and remotesensing
5. Acquire a sound and fundamental understanding of the basic scientific, mathematical and engineeringprinciples underlying technology and develop the ability to analyze, interpret and apply survey data

Course Description

Aim of the course is to inform about special techniques used in determination and measurement of elevation; and to improve the ability of solving engineering problems in determination of elevation, using latest technologies with their basic contents.

Course Coordinator
Himmet Karaman
Course Language
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