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CEV 454E - Opr.ofWtr&Wastewtr.Treat.Plnts

Course Objectives

1. to give the knowledge on the common problems occuring in treatment plants and the ability to understand and solve these problems, and to give an ability to analyze environmental systems with an integrated approach within the framework of causes and effects
2. to gain the knowledge on typical processes applied in water, wastewater and sludge treatment plants and to gain the ability to understand and solve possible operational problems as future operators of treatment plants.

Course Description

Definition of “Operator”; Legislations; Safety. Collection and conveying of wastewaters; Pipes with and without pressure; Pipe types and fittings. Wastewater treatment plants; Pumping stations and operational problems; Cavitation; Flow measurement systems. Operational strategies, problems and solutions for preliminary treatment, secondary and tertiary (BNR) systems. Activated sludge microbiology; settling problems and solutions. Waste sludge; treatment and disposal; Thickening, Stabilization and Dewatering of treatment sludge, Operational strategies, problems and solutions. Water treatment systems. Operation of treatment plants; Monitoring, Sampling, Measurements/Analysis, Reporting, Optimization of Operational Costs of a Treatment Plant, maintenance and orders.Technical Excursion.

Course Coordinator
Gülsüm Emel Zengin Balcı
Hüseyin Erdem Görgün
Course Language
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