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DNK 201 - Dynamics

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic principles of kinematics and kinetics of particles.
2. To teach the basic principles of planar kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies.
3. To make an introduction to the subject of vibration analysis.
4. To teach students to construct dynamic models and to predict the responses of these models to applied forces using Newtonian mechanics.

Course Description

Kinematics of a particle (Rectilinear motion, curvilinear motion, projectile motion, relative motion).
Kinetics of a particle (Newton’s second law of motion, system of particles, rectangular coordinates, normal
and tangential coordinates, cylindrical coordinates).
Work and energy (Principle of work and energy, principle of work and energy for a system of particles,
conservative forces and potential energy).
Impulse and momentum (Principle of linear impulse and momentum, principle of linear impulse and
momentum for a system of particles, impact, principle of angular impulse and
Planar kinematics of a rigid body (Planar rigid body motion, translation, rotation about a fixed axis).
Planar kinetics of a rigid body: Force and acceleration.
Planar kinetics of a rigid body: Work and energy.
Planar kinetics of a rigid body: Impulse and momentum.
Vibrations (Undamped free and forced vibrations, viscous damped free and forced vibrations).

Course Coordinator
Özge Özdemir
Course Language
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