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CEV 428E - Envirn. Plan. of Catchment Areas

Course Objectives

To introduce and put together various elements of water quality management concepts, and natural/manmade territorial characteristics/facts in a broad perspective to plan and manage water resources in such a way as to maintain their sustainability

To set the fundamentals for analyzing catchment areas and to introduce basic concepts to formulate relatively long term solutions for water quality management with a holistic approach, where the water resource is assessed together with its hinterland

Course Description

ntroduction to catchment area planning. Elements of catchment area planning. Physical and natural characteristics. Socio-demographical characteristics: population, developments, land use. Sources of pollution: point sources, diffuse sources, waste loads. Water quality classifications and evaluations. Legislative and managerial aspects. Example of catchment plans. Scenarios for pollution control and management.

Course Coordinator
Melike Gürel
Alpaslan Ekdal
Course Language
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