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JDF 340E - RemoteSen.for Ntrl Resour.Mng.

Course Objectives

1. To provide the awareness for natural resource management, monitoring and conservation.
2. To explain the possibilities of remote sensing techniques for natural resource management.
3. To give an ability to work with different disciplines for natural resource management and
4. To provide the awareness of sustainable natural resource management and to give an ability for
effective projects design and application to solve the natural resource management problems.

Course Description

What is natural resource management and why it is important? The way that follow to derive information from data, and the possibilities of remote sensing to derive thematic information for natural resource management; Forest, agriculture, water and wetlands, epidemiology, coastal zone, urban, biodiversity and wildlife studies by using remote sensing and GIS. The importance of ground truth data determination and selected methods. Application examples.

Course Coordinator
Filiz Bektaş Balçık
Course Language
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