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JDF 431E - GPS Technique

Course Objectives

1. Explaining the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System and its measurements
2. Teaching the methods of positioning with GPS
3. Informing about the field of application for GPS and the sample applications of GPS

Course Description

NAVSTAR-GPS system: Space segments, control segment, user segment, measurement principals, signal
structure, Time and coordinate systems, GPS observations: GPS observables, determining parameters, linear
combinations and indirect measurements, ambiguity resolution, cycle slip, RINEX format, Orbit determination,
Processing GPS data: Adjustment and software, Absolute positioning using GPS, Differantional GPS (DGPS),
Relative positioning using GPS: Static, kinematic, stop and go methods, Real-time kinematic method, Error
sources and elimination, Observation planning and realisations, Benchmarking, Application fields of GPS, GPS
and Internet.

Course Coordinator
Rahmi Nurhan Çelik
Course Language
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